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  • Gear Guide
    Guide made by Ofty Gaming


    This gear guide will cover almost all the available equipment (except R as they are not really viable), and which partner will benefit the most from what gear. We will also include some different builds, what advantages and disadvantages they have. However, regarding a tier list, making one for gear is very hard (Butterfly Hunter is better than Dragonhowl on Kasumi in crusade for example), because every gear has a different way to shine, so there really is no definite "tier list" so to speak. This also means that there many ways to build different partners, and personally that makes everything a lot more entertaining.

    Don't forget to also check our Gear Gallery.

    General tips

    All weapons, armors and boots will give the same base stats at the same level and rarity. However, accessory can give either ATK+HP, DEF+HP or ATK+DEF. Generally you want ATK on offensive partners and DEF on defensive partners, but sometimes you want to ignore this and go for the special effect.

    Higher level gears give more power than lower level gears, irrespective of rarity (SR or SSR). Many SSR gears have a reduced SR version to function similarly. Don't worry if you don't have enough SSR dupes in early game, SR can get you far enough. However, still try to prioritize SSR since they have more stats and better skills.

    Your own situation matters

    During the early game, you might just want to give high level gears to your main carries (e.g. Miyuki) to progress through the story.

    After getting enough gears and their duplicates, you can start building characters. This guide will list out viable gears by class, and give some example end-game builds. Many SSR gear have a reduced SR version, so you can choose the SR gear before you get the SSR one.

    Many gears are only obtainable through gnosis/honor/contribution summons or paid packs. Some of those rare ones are pretty good, you may need to be patient to get them.

    If you have a certain stage / enemy team to break through, you might need to change the build to achieve a specific effect (e.g. reduce heal, bonus damage against certain class). Here we only list the common choices.

    Recommendation per class















    Understanding stats


    It is a chance to reduce damage. When you block, you receive 70% damage.

    ATK Reduction

    It reduces the enemy ATK when that unit is being attacked, doesn't affect damage to others. (Less useful than you would think.)


    Damage calculation in a nutshell is like this:

    Damage = (final ATK - final DEF) * (1 + DMG rate - DMG RES rate) * (70% if block, otherwise 100%) * (150% + CRIT power if CRIT, otherwise 100%)

    Skill multiplier, class counter, AoE multiplier and leader multiplier all applies on top of this damage independently.

    What does this mean?

    It means if a unit has high ATK, then buffing ATK is more effective than DMG, and vice versa. If a unit has high DEF, then buffting DEF is more effective than DMG RES, and vice versa.

    Steal/dispell buff

    In general, buffs include invincibility, shield and other stats (ATK/DEF/DMG/DMG RES/etc) buff. This can be a mechanism that helps you progress through a stage when you were not able to. Since this game doesn't show buff/debuff visually, there could be interactions we don't know yet...


    It determines who attacks first when priorities are tied. Priorities in normal PvE and PvP are mostly time based, and winning ties doesn't matter much. Speed is mostly useful in ten saints, since higher speed partner in 1st spot will use their skill first. (However, some interactions like Edward and Hersey passive seem to allow enemy to act first, irrespective of spot priority or speed. This is still a myth to us.)

    Spirited Away

    Works the same as Stealth, meaning you can't be targeted by single target spells.

    "in battle"

    Most of the gear skills boost stats only in battle, this allows the CP system to not reward plain stats boost over special effects. It also means skill buffs and passive buffs stack with such gear skill additively, rather than multiplicatively.

    If you find errors...

    Please let us know or contact the author of the guide via private message or Discord Ofty#7090. Thank you!

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